Your Guide to Keeping Good Spine Health and Ergonomics

There are many proven tips which you can apply to maintain good spine health and most of which are based on the concept of ergonomics.

Ergonomics by definition, is known as the scientific discipline that explore the improvement of human interactions with environmental equipment, furniture as well as systems. It draws heavily on the key concepts of human biology, psychology, engineering and design and aims to help users optimize their personal physical well being as well as enhance work performance. Ergonomics are applied widely across all aspects of our lifestyle, mainly work, leisure and even as we are resting our bodies.

Muscles will tire after being in a fix position, slouching or any other poor postures for a long period of time. This stresses the neck and shoulder muscles and eventually gives rise to aches and pains that permeate throughout the back. You need to change your position frequently, even if you have found the most comfortable position. Use ergonomic desk chairs whenever possible. Stand and stretch every hour or take a break to loosen your joints.

You need to listen to your body and be very sensitive to the symptoms and warnings of impending back pains. Take for instance, when you note that you keep experiencing back aches throughout the work week but not during the week ends, or sudden but continued aches and pain that comes with a new job, new home couch or work chair and others.

Doing regular light exercises like stretching and walking can be a start to maintaining good posture. Swimming is also a very good form of sport as the water cushions almost a great portion of the stress that might have otherwise be exerted onto the joints, unlike other types of strenuous sports like cycling or running. The body gets a great workout yet at a much less stressed condition. With regular exercise from the right kind of sports, your muscles get a good workout and tones the surrounding tissues of your back hence helping your back to stay strong. Swimming the butterfly stroke over sustain period over time for example, would help you to strengthen back muscles about 30 percent more, thereby enhancing spine health.

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