Health and Safety Training – Workplace Ergonomics and Manual Handling

Ergonomics refers to your body’s capacity to perform a task at hand in the safest and most efficient way possible. The key to ergonomics is to be efficient and productive in your work without harming your body in the process. If you harm your body in order to complete specific tasks in the workplace I doubt you will be able to carry on completing your tasks in an efficient or productive manner. Ergonomics will allow workers to continue their tasks without putting risk to their body’s well being. Health and safety training teaches workers the science of ergonomics so they can complete tasks such as lifting and lowering without injuring themselves. Manual handling training is a part of the health and safety training curriculum which shares ergonomic practices with workers.

Manual handling training encourages workers to ask for assistance if they are having trouble carrying a heavy item. If a machine can be used to support the heavy load, opt for that instead. It also recommends that they clear the way before picking up a particular item so they don’t injure themselves by tripping or falling. Tripping and falling can lead to permanent and serious injuries in the workplace. Manual handling DVDs teach workers how to lift and lower heavy objects. For example, when you are picking up a heavy box you should make sure to spread your legs to shoulder width apart so that you can support a heavy load. Never bend your body while picking up a box. You should always kneel down so that your back is perpendicular to the ground while picking up a heavy box. By providing health and safety training sessions on a regular basis for your workers you will notice the number of sick leaves taken to have considerably reduced.

Manual handling teaches workers to use the strength from their legs instead of their back. This substantially reduces the risk of injury. The skills taught during manual handling training can be used in the workplace and everywhere else. Manual handling is a matter of safety and the well being of your workers. You strain your body a lot less if you can push a load rather than pulling it. Pushing a load gives you more control while moving a particular object. When workers learn during manual handling training how common injuries occur they will do their best to avoid those situations.

Manual handling emphasizes the need to carry heavy loads close to the waist in order to put less strain on your back muscles. The heaviest side of the box should be close to your body. When conducting health and safety training for your workers it is important to cover all of the important issues so they will be prepared for any situation. You can use safety learning DVDs, safety booklets and trainer guides to conduct a successful health and safety training session. Manual Handling training will reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. Other important issues to be covered during health and safety training include, fire safety, chemical spills, electrical hazards, spreading germs, protective wear, basic first aid and more.

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Environmental Issues – What Are They And How To Fight Them?

Today we face several types of environmental issues which surprisingly did not get much attention few decades back. The reason probably was that earth didn’t have too much human population and people managed to stay away from pollution whenever they faced trouble with their habitat. But today, the price of land and home is on the constant increase in almost all parts of the world and for the newer generation, owning a home is almost impossible.

More and more people are getting affected by different types of environmental issues and this is why people started to realize and bring awareness about these problems. Pollution, habitat destruction and overpopulation are some examples for the recent issues our generation faces. The biggest challenge for environmental issues is that humans no longer get places that are ideal for a living and they are forced to compromise on whatever they get.

Japan has one of the highest population densities in the world and the country does not have sufficient land space to utilize. Japanese have been living very close to the ocean for several centuries, but today the population of people who live very close to oceans is steadily on the rise. What is the consequence? When tsunami hit Japan, several thousands of people died even after the Japanese authorities could identify the arrival of the tsunami much earlier.

The problem was that government could not quickly evacuate such a huge population and when the evacuation process was going on, tsunami hit the Japanese soil and took away the lives of several thousands. Most environmental issues are created by humans and for the same reason; it’s possible for us to do something to protect our mother nature. Switching yourself to a green living is the best thing you can do because by using green products, you can bring down pollution drastically.

Make sure that you are not using any products made up of wood because plants are essential for producing sufficient oxygen and keeping our ecosystem cool. You can also spread the word about protecting the land and this will attract the attention of many people. If everybody in our country tries their level best to bring down the damage caused to the earth, it’s very much possible for us to make sure that our coming generations will have a better life. This is why we need to take environmental issues very seriously and do something about it.

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